Frequently asked questions

When you are buying a car, cross-borders or not, there is always a risk. The difference when you buy cross-borders is the added difficulty of, sometimes, the language, the distance from the seller, the lack of important information, culture differences, local regulations, and documentation required in the destination country to register a car bought in another country. Our many years of experience is translated in a sequence of purchasing procedures that start with due dilligence about the car and the dealer and go all the way up to the delivery of the car, ready to drive, in your desired registration country, depending of the services you contracted.

We car work with any car and any seller but we do recommend dealers that are offical traders of the car makes to lower the risk of the deal.

In those cases where you want to make the purchase from an unknown dealer, before making any car payment, you should follow certain procedures to further reduce the risk.

We have many years of experience buying vehicles worldwide, with hundreds of customers from almost every countries in the world.

There is always a risk, online or offline, but there are procedures that will help you to lower the risk. Our team of commercial representatives, technicians and partners, can help you in different ways: meeting the seller, making a visit report with photos of the vehicle, a check-up, verify dealer information, negotiate the price, collect documents, etc.

Before you decide, you will have access (if requested) to a visit report with photos of the vehicle, chassi number and any other specifics that you can request, or even special check-ups, important in a classic car for example.

We can provide different ways to safeguard your interests, contact us for more details.

There is no yes or no reply to this question. Needs to be checked on a case by case basis.

Information like origin of the vehicle, country of destination, rules of the car make, and other possibilities like special types of warranty provided by third parties like insurance companies is necessary to be gathered, in order to understand what is possible and what is not.

It is an issue with some complexity, and sometimes with some uncertainties.

As a rule of thumb, vehicles produced in or for the EU market, purchased in Europe (EU) with less than 2 years since the first registration have manufacturer's warranty, valid, in Europe. Beyond the factory warranty, there may be a guarantee given by the make, (used car programs), or by an insurance company.

In US, the rules are different, law does not oblige more than 1 year, so it will depend of the manufacturer warranty, special dealer warranties, or, again, insurance companies.

Vehicles from Europe going to US and vice-versa will generally lose any warranty rights.

In Europe (UE)

According to EU law, when a consumer purchases a vehicle in another EU country, will have to (generally) pay VAT in the country where the purchase was made, and it will no longer be charged VAT in the destination EU country: except for vehicles under 6 months old and/or less than 6000km, from the date of first registration; in these cases the customs at the destination country will request payment of VAT because the vehicle is considered NEW as per EU rules.

If you buy as a company, we can share our experience on VAT issues, and support the payment procedures / deposit / refund or pay-back from dealers, however it is a matter that you must discuss with the accountant of your company, since the tax treament given a car acquired by a company is outside the scope, or capabilities of our service.

Certainly. We will be happy to provide you with references of our service. If you found us through the internet, and not through any client or friend, do not hesitate to ask for references. We understand that sometimes, especially with buying an expensive item like a car, you need to be sure about who exactly you are dealing with. We have many references all over the world from other reputable companies, from multinationals to local family businesses and individuals.

Our main source of references are our previous customers, who generously refer our service and we can´t tank them enough!

No. It is true that in Germany is were we make most of our work, however we provide services all over the world, especially in EU countries, USA, Japan and China.

We advise you to fill in the contact form on our contact page. From there we will answer your questions, and propose the most appropriate services. 

We advise you to fill out the form on our contact page, indicating what vehicle you want to import, from/to, and requesting the scheduling of a meeting/ video conference.