1. Search your next vehicle

Search for your next vehicle via the most popular websites.
Or, if you prefer, simply send us the characteristics of the car/motorcycle you are looking for and we will do the search for you.
If you don´t yet have an idea of what you want/need, let us know about your mobility needs, your preferences and your budget, and we will help you decide what to buy.

 2. Vehicle Selection, Contacting sellers

Once you've pinpointed the desired vehicle, share with us its key specifications: make, model, version, price, kilometers and the seller's zip or postal code. Alternatively, you can streamline the process by sending us the webpage link or URL of the advertisement.

Our local team can promptly engage with the seller on your behalf. This usually involves checking for availability, obtaining a comprehensive vehicle report, and conducting any necessary due diligence—essential steps when you're navigating cross-border transactions. Rest assured, all gathered information will be communicated to you, empowering you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase of the car.

3. Purchase, transport, legalization

Our consultancy servicesare ready to support you with the vehicle purchase, transport and legalization. We can guide you or provide a hands-on service if you prefer or if you don´t have time.