How to import your car to Portugal

If you already have the vehicle (car, motorcycle, other) and just need the portuguese documents it should be a simple process as long as the vehicle is recent. If it is an older vehicle, it will depend: older than December 1969 should also be a simple process. From 1970 to 2001, it can be difficult and expensive, unless you are moving your primary residence to Portugal.

If you are still looking to buy the car and considering import from another country like Germany or France, and need assistance in the purchase or selection process, or estimating total costs or any other questions, you can take advantage of our pre-purchase and purchase consultancy services.

We can help with sourcing/procurement, estimate, technical details, condition reports, logistics/transport, etc.

Altough today the standards between EU countries make it easier than before there are still some caveats, such as confusing procedures between multiple entities, different taxes depdning on your tax regime and vehicle classification, special homologation procedures, inspection rules, before you have the Portuguese registration.  

Need a car already on Portuguese registration? Sometimes our clients have cars for sale either because they are buying another car or just because they asked our assistance to put the car in the market for them. Check here for vehicles available at this moment or contact us (sometimes the vehicles are not listed due to client request)