Where to search vehicles to import

If you've already started your research, you likely know some of the following websites, where you can explore vehicle ads worldwide. We prioritize Germany for importation due to several factors, allowing us to provide more resources for our clients in that region. So le´t´s start with the German Market!

German Market

www.mobile.de: more than 1 million vehicles, with great relevance for the German market. Obviously, it is a portal with companies, traders and individuals, it is necessary not to discard certain precautions, as in any portal with thousands or casualties of thousands of sellers. This advertising is valid for all portals / websites and not just for this one, which is, as far as we are concerned, one of the best as a research tool and offer portfolio. Boasting over 1 million vehicles, this platform holds great relevance, especially in the German market. While it serves as a hub for companies, traders, and individuals, navigating a portal with such extensive listings requires careful consideration. As with any platform featuring thousands, or even tens of thousands, of sellers, certain precautions should be observed. It's essential to bear in mind that the advice provided here applies universally to all portals and websites. In our perspective, this particular platform stands out as one of the best tools for research and a diverse portfolio of offerings.

www.autoscout24.de: large portal / website, recently it was much better at the level of research and additional tools. Very similar to mobile.de in terms of offer.

www.ebay.de: excellent portal for finding vehicles in Germany, mainly from private individuals. We are ebay fans, and regular users since 2004. Sometimes we find real "gems" on ebay.

English market

www.autotrader.co.uk: one of the best in the English market, it has had some improvements in terms of use. Ideal if you want to import from the UK.

www.ebay.co.uk: excellent for use in the English market, especially for private vehicles. Find yourself real opportunities here.

* From February 2020 onwards, attention to UK imports/exports may have several constraints due to Brexit!

American Market

www.ebay.com/motors: Excellent for US vehicles. "Muscle cars", motorcycles, and some exotics.

Vehicle Specific

www.europa-camioes.com: If you are looking for trucks user, here you can find a wide selection.

and more...

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service that can either involve conducting the search on your behalf or providing expert guidance while you undertake the search independently. Feel free to get in touch with us for more details on how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.